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Does your legal recruiter talk and act like a used-car salesman hungry to make his next commission? At JFB Search Partners, our trusted attorney recruiters help you find the law firm partner position or candidate you truly desire and deserve. We understand the challenges you face as a law firm partner or hiring coordinator, excel at finding you the perfect match, and always prioritize your needs. In these uncertain times, you can count on the professionals at JFB Search Partners to turn lateral moves by law firm partners into upward, mutually beneficial, life-changing ones.

  • Save time by avoiding chatty legal recruiters who act more like slick salesmen or annoying telemarketers than licensed, highly ethical attorneys.

  • Get guidance in your search from legal recruitment professionals at JFB Search Partners who understand you and the challenges you face.

  • Get access to legal recruiters who are also attorneys, including our CEO Joseph Bovino, who has practiced law for 30 years in FL and CA.

  • Target and expedite your search for high-quality legal talent, a better law firm job, or a promising M&A candidate, and know you’re doing it right.


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It’s All About the Guidance.

By engaging JFB Search Partners, you’ll have access to a trusted recruitment professional who’s also a seasoned attorney to make sure you get your search done right.

  • Get guidance in your search from a professional legal recruiter who’s also an experienced attorney

  • Finally feel confident about your search for legal talent, a new law firm position, or an M&A opportunity

  • With JFB Search Partners to guide you throughout the search process, you’ll know you’re doing it right

  • Use our guidance and search results to find the perfect match for your career or law firm